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Thank you....

posted Dec 21, 2010, 4:33 PM by Joyce Middle School PTO Communications
Thanks to everyone for their participation in the PJ-Clothes drive.
The Reeves School, Joyce Middle School, Woburn High School (Key Club) all donated clothes !

Your schools and organizations along with my family donated so many wonderful Pj's, hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, blankets and assorted clothes and boots.

Please know everything everyone did and donated will be appreciated.

Kayla Richburg also put our adoptive social worker, Mary Fitzpatrick in touch with Osh Kosh, and I understand Mary was able to pick up quite a bit of new clothing at the Burlington store that was distributed through the Lawrence DCF.

Although it is such a difficult time economically, so many people still were able to think of someone else and give !

Mary Fitzpatick (Lawrence DCF) and Kara Prahl  (Haverhill DCF) distributed the clothing in their respective offices !

Please extend a heartfelt Thank You to all who donated  along with the PTO's from Reeves and JMS that posted our poem on the web sites, and/or allowed notices to be hung up advising of the PJ/clothes drive, Amy Roberts (JMS Guidance) and all those who purchased Candy Canes at the High school which allowed money to be collected to purchase so many PJ's, hats, scarves, blankets etc..

Again, thanks to everyone for helping make sure both Lawrence and Haverhill's DCF will have some new clothes/PJ's

and that these kids Christmas was made a bit happier and warmer !

Happy Holiday's to all !  
Candice White