Contact us by emailing:
Who we are
The PTO represents all the member of the Joyce Middle School Community.  All are welcome at all times.  We are always looking for new contributors and new ideas.

Our mission is to support/provide opportunities for cultural, educational and social growth and through its communication efforts to connect parents, teachers and the community.

The PTO Officers for 2015- 2016 school year are:

   Vice President:


If you have questions, suggestions, would like to get involved, please contact one of us at the email above, or drop a note in the PTO box at the school.  To reach all of us email us at
How to Reach Us
Drop a note in the office, in the PTO Mailbox
For information about our upcoming meeting with the agenda -see our Meeting and Minutes page.
What we do

Provide financial support for field trips, staff appreciation events, scholarships for graduating seniors that attended the Joyce

Organize and host events such as the annual Halloween Party, the 8Th grade celebration and the book fair 

Assist with other school functions such as the Holiday concert, Green and Blue and the Junior National Honor Society ceremony 

Fundraise through collection of family donations, gift card sales, Election Day Bake sale and raffles 

Enhance communications through the maintenance of the PTO website –, and through bi-weekly newsletters. 
Guest Speakers @ PTO Meetings. Best Buddies, Homework Help, Youth Leadership Opportunities with Social Concern.

Where we are going 

We conducted a survey of parents and staff to find out what they think is important.  We were thrilled by the number of responses!  We will be using the results of these surveys, as well as what we have learned this year, to begin our planning for next year.  Among other things, we have plans to:
Initiate, maintain and publicize a wish list for teachers to identify volunteers and supplies they could use in their classrooms
Finding opportunities and guest speakers for community education around areas important to parents
How you can become involved
  • Visit the PTO website to get more information about what we are working on. Over the summer we will be identifying volunteer opportunities for the upcoming year and will be posting this information on the website
  • Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter. The PTO has gone “green” this past year and began to send out bi-weekly newsletters. You can sign up by filling out the sign up form OR visiting the website – – and clicking on the Join the Mailing List
  • Attend our monthly PTO meetings
  • Volunteer to assist with our efforts – we will maintain a list of opportunities on the website as well as publicize upcoming events through the email list
  • Support our financial efforts by making a family donation – forms will be sent home at the beginning of the school year