Dear New 6th Grade Parent,
Welcome to the Joyce! We know that moving to the middle school from elementary school can be an adjustment (in most cases more for the parents than the children!) – we were all there once. We want to do what we can to assist with the transition. You may have questions, but aren’t sure where to get the answers. We may not know the answer to your questions, but we will do everything we can to find out. Please either email your questions to or fill out the form below. We will post questions and answers on this page as we receive them.

One way to ease the transition is to join our email list.  We send out bi-weekly email newsletters throughout the year which contain not only information about upcoming PTO meetings and activities, but important dates to remember, volunteer opportunities, some in school news, and more.  To join our mailing list, click on the link below.

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Welcome again, and enjoy your first year as a Joyce Parent.
Some Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What is the principal's email address?
    Mr. Qualey can be reached at

Q:  How are parents put at ease about kids getting on the correct bus and knowing what stop to get off at?

The bus schedule will be published in the Daily Times and The Advocate.  Once it is available, you can also find it on the schools website -  If you look at the schedule you can see that each route has a number – your child should know what that is as well as the stop they will be getting off at.  There are many staff members directing students to their buses after school, so as long as the child knows the bus #, there is plenty of guidance when it is time to get on the bus.  You may also want to take your child for a ride using the route they will be travelling from school, this may him/her more comfortable the first day. If you have any concerns you can contact either Mr. Qualey or Mr. Nebel at the office at 781-937-8233.
Q:  We were told that our children would get a number for lunch and be able to go on line to purchase lunches. How do I do that?

You will receive a letter in the mail with your child’s student ID and information on how to access to allow you to monitor your child’s spending and to be able to make electronic deposits into their food account.  If you did not receive that information, contact the lunch office at 781-937-8210 x133 to obtain the information.

Q:  My daughter will be taking the bus occasionally not all the time. Most of the time I will drive her in the morning and she will walk home. Does she need to report to anyone when she needs to take the bus home.
No, it is not necessary to notify anyone when she will be using the bus.  Just make sure she knows her route number.

Secrets to Success
Understand the teachers expectations and the school‘s rules and reinforce them at home
Review your child’s assignment book each night; be aware of assignments and what they are studying in class
Review your child’s homework each night to ensure it is complete and that each assignment is done

Assist your child with homework assignments, but don’t do it for them

Communicate with teachers when you have concerns

Be informed as to what is going on at school - ask questions, get involved with your child and help them do their homework by guiding them, checking that they have complete answers, getting them away from the TV, computer, cell phone, etc. to concentrate

From Mr. Qualey's Handout during Orientation

Welcome to the Joyce Middle School


1. What time does school begin?
• School officially begins at 8:05. All students must be in their homeroom by 8:05 or they are considered late to school.
2. What time should my child arrive to school?
• Students should arrive at the school between 7:45 and 8:00. The students are allowed to enter the building at 8:00.
3. Where does my child wait to enter the building?
• 6th grade students wait to the right of the main entrance (if you're facing the building) by the ramp.  The 7th grade students wait to the left of the entrance, and the 8th grade students wait by the gym entrance.
4. What if it is cold or rainy?
• If it is rainy/snowy or the weather is below 32 degrees students are allowed to wait in the gymnasium after 7:45.
5. Where do I drop off and pick up my child?
• You may drop off and pick up your child on Locust St. in front of the stairs, on Willow St., or in the Hockey Rink parking lot. Cars are not allowed in the parking lot between 7:30 & 8: 15 and 2:00 & 2:30.
6. Can my child take a bus to school?
• If you live in establish bus route areas your child is eligible to take the bus. The bus route schedule comes out in mid-August and is published in the newspaper and on our website.
7. Can my child take a different bus or travel to a friend's house?
• Students may only take a different bus home or to a friends house if they bring in a note from a parent/guardian and there must also be space available on the bus they wish to ride.
8. How does my child know what team he is on?
• Homeroom and team assignments are posted outside the main doors around July 1st.
9. What supplies will my child need?
• Recommended supply lists are posted on our website.
10. What if my child needs a particular item during the year?
• We have a school store that is available to students before school and during activity period. We sell everything a student would need and usually cheaper than Staples. An item list is available on our school website.
11. What will my child's schedule look like?
• Our schedule contains 8 periods each 41 minutes long. Each day your child will have Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Foreign language. The other two periods will be filled with Physical Education, Music, Art, Geography, Health, Cooking, Sewing, Computers, Technology/Woodshop.
12. Will 6th graders have classes with ih & s" grade students?
• For the most part no. The only time they could be mixed in with older students would be certain activities like Chorus, Best Buddies, Band, Builders Club and a few others.
13. What is Activity period?
• Activity period meets twice a week and students get to choose their activity. However, some activities are reserved for certain grades while others have capacity limits so a lot of sixth grade students do not get into their desired activity period.
14. What does my child do for lunch?
• Students have 19 minute lunch blocks. They may bring their own lunch or buy a lunch. Each child will also receive a pin number they use when they buy lunch or snacks. Parents may deposit money into their accounts to eliminate the need for lunch money everyday. You can also monitor their food purchases by setting up an account. More information is available on our website.
15. Is there a PTO at the Joyce?
• Yes, they meet monthly. More information may be found at the Joyce PTO website.
16. Does the school have dances?
• Generally no, we do have a Halloween party (open to all students) after school at the end of October and an 8th grade celebration at the end of the year. However, the Boys and Girls Club and Pop Warner ask us to announce and advertise their dances in schoo!. Please be aware that these dances are sponsored by and chaperoned by the organizations running them.
19. If my child is absent from school can I request their missed work?
• Only when your child misses three or more days will their teachers put together a missed work packet. Your child will have plenty of time to make up missed work. A copy of this policy is in our student handbook.
17. Why do I often see a Police Cruiser in front of the school?
• We have a School Resource Officer (SRO) that spends half the week at the Joyce and the other half of the week at the Kennedy Middle School.
18. What are the behavior expectations of the school?
• The code of conduct as well as school policies are located in the student handbook, which is located in the student planners that your child will receive on the first day of school. Our handbook is also posted on our website.
20. Is extra help available after school?
• Teachers will stay after school to provide extra help a minimum of one day a week. However, most of our teachers will stay after more than one day a week. Each teacher will let your child know their scheduled extra help day.
21. My child is having difficulty in school; do I have to wait until Parent-Teacher conferences to discuss the
• No, please contact the guidance department and they can arrange for a team meeting.
22. When will my child receive progress reports and report cards?
• Progress reports are sent home at the midpoint of each term, exact dates can be found on our website calendar page. These progress reports must be signed and returned to school.
• Report cards are sent home on the Friday following each terms end date, which can be found on our website calendar page.
Joyce Middle School PTO Communications,
Jun 20, 2010, 5:50 PM
Joyce Middle School PTO Communications,
Jun 20, 2010, 5:50 PM