We recently co-funded a parent seminar with the Kennedy PTO.  "Adolescent Psychology: The Parent Version" by parent expert, Joani Geltman was very well recieved.  We had over 80 parents from the community attend.  We conducted a survey to see what people thought of the seminar and to find out what other topics parents may be interested in.  Thanks to all of you who responded.
Here are a few of the comments we have recieved so far about Joani's presentation:
We received 38 responses
Did you attend the seminar: Adolescent Psychology: The Parent Version with parenting expert Joani Geltman?  29 attended and 9 did not.
Would you recommend this presentation to a friend?   Of the 29 that attended, all of those would recommend this to a friend
Why didn't you attend?   of the 9 that did not attend  - 6 - had a previous commitment; 1 had planned on attending but a conflict came up; 1 did not know about it and 1 was not interested
Would you be interested in attending future presentations geared toward parents of teens?  38 responded YES
Which of the following topics would you be interested in? 
Drugs and Alcohol - Yes: 33 (87%); No: 5 (13%)
Peer Pressure - Yes: 38 (100%); No: 0 (0%)
Bullying - Yes: 31 (82%); No: 75 (18%)
Internet Safety - Yes: 28 (74%); No: 10 (26%)
Texting - Yes: 28 (74%); No: 10 (26%)
Social Networking Sites - Yes: 30 (79%); No: 8 (21%)
Sexual Activity - Yes: 27 (71%); No: 11 (29%)
Are there other topics you are interested in that are not mentioned above?  Suicide, teen driving, more on the teenage brain and development
Are you aware of any presenters you could recommend? 
Deanna's List is supposed to do a great bullying program - I am not sure what kind of audience it is geared to though. 
I did see a bullying presentation put on by the Woburn Police Dept, and found it very dry. Didn't really learn anything that useful.
Do you have any comment you would like to share about this presentation/presenter?  
I thought she was knowledgeable, entertaining and insightful. Well worth the cost.
She was EXCELLENT. My husband and I both attended her seminar, have put some of her tools to work and are already seeing results!
I thought the presentation was informative. The presentor kept the audience engaged. She shared real stories and had hands on experiences.
I thought she was great; very effective presenter & also funny. I would definately recommend to other parents & other schools.
I thought this was very informative as well as entertaining. She gave great tips on how to handle your teen. The two hours went by very quickly and I appreciated the hand-out as well.
Excellent topic very well presented. Highly recommended.
Great presentation very informative
My husband and I both attended. We found the presentation humorous and informative! Joani provided insight in the teen psyche and offered practical advice. We also purchased the book and find it an easy, quick read packed with lots of good suggestions and everyday tips.
She is a wonderful presenter and we all chuckled as we recognized ourselves. It would be wonderful to have someone so effective to check in in the community to help address more specific issues such as bullying, teen relationships, etc.
I absolutely loved the presentation!! I thought she did a great job of presenting in a very humorous way and was completely able to capture the dynamics between parents and adolescent children. I have told many people about this presentation and will probably host a "party" with her as guest speaker. Sadly though, I did not feel like the turnout was what it should have been!
I have an older teen along with an 8th grader, I wish she had presented this when my older one was younger.
Her enthusiasm and understanding of adolescent psychology enhanced her presentation. Very insightful and amusing-- bought her book and shared it with my husband, who read it cover to cover.
Really enjoyed the presentation, wish my husband could have gone.
The information Joani provided was invaluable - taking us through the mind of an adolescent was so helpful in understanding how my child goes through the day. Her tips on how to talk to your child when their volcano is about to explode was great, I’ve already used her techniques with great sucess. this presentation was beyond excellent and will surely be beneficial to both me and my child.
She was right on and very funny and interesting!
I thought this was more for 8th grade and High School! not so much for 6th grade!!!!
Joanie was very informative and use great real-world situations to bring her point home. She was funny and provided me with a great point of view for working with my pre-teen.
Very straight forward. I liked it.
The two hour seminar could have seemed like it was a lot longer but because Joani was so entertaining, I thought that the time went very fast.
Funny but informative
I have attended many parenting seminars but think that I would enjoy something geared to both the adult and the teen...something that we could attend together.
Fantastic presenter!
Joanie was very entertaining and held my attention. I felt like she was in the room while my daughter and I have had conversations! I felt I learned quite a few REAL tips that I will be able to use. I liked it so much I bought the book (although I haven't read it yet). I was disappointed at the number of parents that didn't show up. Maybe if you did it again, we could market it better? Maybe put it in the Times?
Do you have any other comments or feedback?
I had every intention of attending the presentation but ran late at work. I think it was a great idea and am really sorry I missed it.
Thank you for sponsoring the event. I think working with the Kennedy is a great idea.
I was disappointed that I was unable to attend. I did speak with another mom who did attend and she couldn't say enough positive things about it. I hope to attend in the future.
Keep up the good work! I believe these types of programs are imperative for the welfare of our children. Thank you!
Thank you very much for taking such an interest in our kids and parents and working to make their paths a success.
I have attended many parenting seminars but think that I would enjoy something geared to both the adult and the teen...something that we could attend together.
If a talk is going to be done, I would say pay the $$ to get someone who has great information, but also has public speaking experience and can keep the audience interested.
If you have ideas for Parent Resources either tell us via the Comment and Suggestion form or email admin@joycepto.org.