Backpack:  Because we know some kids aren't great at bringing home the paperwork.
Joani Geltman's Parenting Blog
Forms:  Forms you may need such as the CORI form and the YES tracking form.
Incoming 6th Grade parents:  Some information you may find helpful
Internet Safety:  Inspector Donovan of the Woburn Police Department forwarded some flyers to Mr. Qualey who forwarded them to us.  We realized that this is a topic that parents need to know more about.  We've added the flyers to our new page and have added some links to great sites about the topic.
Have you ever given thought to your digital footprint?  Do you know what it is?  More and more employers are doing internet searches of prospective hires.  What would they find if they Google you?  Would you want a prospective employer to see what you might have posted on Facebook or in a blog?  Watch this video to give you a sense of how much data is available and what it may mean to you.
Summer Camps:  It is that time of year - to start thinking about what the summer plans will be.  Our Middle Schoolers are a bit more independent - so what do we do for the summer.  Parent, Laurie Bergstrom has been researching some camps for her daughter and we thought it would be helpful to include that information here as well. has interesting articles related to Teens and Tweens such as Helping Teens Say No.    The site has sections such as Behavior and Responsibility; Health and Body; School and College; Communication; and Social Skills.
The Public School Parent's Network:  A Resource Guide and Information Source for Parents
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