Builder's Club

Faculty Advisors:  Jess Bazirgan and Kelly Power


The Builders Club is the Middle School off shoot of the Key club, both of which stem from Kiwanis. Our focus is building the community.  The club has tried to accomplish this goal in several ways.  We look at the Joyce community, the Woburn community and a more global community.  We start the year off with the coat drive.  Last year we collected for the 300 winter wear items.  We sent some of the coats through interdepartmental mail to Woburn Families.  The rest of the clothing (mostly coats) went to a shelter in Lawrence.  This year we would like to find more ways to connect with Woburn families.  During the fall the club hosts parent / teachers night.  We had members guide parents to teachers’ rooms and be available for general questions.  Last year, some members walked in the Halloween Parade and handed out candy. 


At Christmas time we had interested members write letters to recovering soldiers in the Walter Reed Medical Center.  Our members also are responsible for hanging the snowmen and snowflakes around the school.  Members also sold cotton candy at the Festival on the Common.


Last year we implemented a peer-tutoring program.  We have our 8th members tutor 6th graders recognized by their teachers as needing extra help.    We run the Valentine’s Day fundraiser where student can send candy, mints or flowers (we are trying to offer healthy options) to other students.  Throughout the year, the club manages the message board and collects and ink for Staples credit.  


This is our third year advising the Builders Club.  We enjoy having the opportunity to interact with the kids informally.  We try to foster a relaxed environment having every activity on a volunteer basis.  They are a great group of kids and a fabulous work force. 


If you have any other ideas for additional community building activities, please share them with Jess Bazirgan at or Kelly Power at