The wish list is just that, things that the teachers and staff would love to have in their classrooms. Classroom supply budgets are tight. Teachers and Staff always spend a significant amount on classroom supplies each year from their own pockets. Donations items are made by parents/guradians/supporters of the school directly to the teachers. 
Update for 2012-2013 School Year. 
Teacher:  Marjorie Marino,
For:  Ms. Marino's classroom
Request:  I would love to have a parent volunteer to work as an assistant in the classroom.  
Teacher:  Amy Maynes, 
For:  7th grade science department 
Request:  We would also love to have any parents/relatives who work in the science and/or engineering fields come in to talk to our students about their jobs!
Teacher:  Carol Ann Solares,
For:  Social Communication classroom/Best Buddies
Request:  If anyone has a used digital camera that they no longer use and would like to donate it to our classroom.   It will be used for class projects.  Best Buddies is putting together work for the MCAS-Alt portfolios for some of my students.  Also looking for a used digital camer for filming projects for class.
Status:  Digital camera donated by parent
Teacher:  Joanne Daggett,
For:  Mrs. Daggett's reading class
Request:  Reading podium.
Status:  Podium donated by parent
Teacher:  Amy Maynes, 
For:  7th grade science department 
Request:  The science department would love to renew our Brainpop subscription, which will expire this December.  The price for a one year classroom membership, which would allow up to 3 computers to log onto the site at once, is $195.  Brainpop ( is a subscription-based website that produces animated, educational “shorts” for kids. The website can be used to explain science, social studies, math, English, technology, arts and music concepts in a fun and kid-friendly manner. The content on Brainpop is also directly aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks so that teachers may search by standard and find videos to enhance their lessons
Status:  Subscription funded by PTO