Holiday Cash Raffle

The Annual Holiday Raffle is run through December 14th and the winners are announced at the Holiday Concert on December 16th.  This year we will be offering student prizes to encourage participation.  Today each student received a numbered booklet which contains 6 tickets.  The tickets sell for $2 each or you can sell the entire booklet (6 tickets) for $10. 


All of your tickets you have been given MUST either be sold OR returned to the office by the end of this fundraiser – Monday, December 13th.  For tracking purposes you will be responsible for the tickets being returned whether they were sold or not.  RETURNS should be made to the assigned box within the JMS school office.



Important dates & things to know:


·         Tues, November 21st   - Fundraiser kicks off you will receive your booklets. 

·         Mon, December 6th   – Returns due for the first student prize opportunity

·         Thurs December 9th – announcement for the first STUDENT PRIZE (early seller)

·         Mon, December 13th -  - All tickets, SOLD AND UNSOLD, and money is due to the JMS office

·         Thurs, December 16th - HOLIDAY CONCERT  - RAFFLE TICKET AWARDS

·         Fri, December 17th STUDENT PRIZES ANNOUNCED & AWARDED


Student Prizes:

  • TOP SELLER  - $75 cash  (note: if there is a tie we will enter names into a hat to choose the winner)


  • EARLY SELLER - Students that sell and return 12 or more ticket stubs by Monday December 6th  will be entered into a raffle for $50 cash.  Each ticket sold is an entry into the raffle.  The more you sell the more chance you have to win!


  • TOP SELLERS FROM EACH GRADE -  $20 cash (note: if there is a tie we will enter names into a hat to choose the winner)


Holiday Raffle Prizes:

$500 Grand Prize

$250 Second Prize

$100 Third prize

To be drawn @ the Joyce Holiday Concert

December 16, 2010

(The winner does not need to be present to win)