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Why we fundraise

The PTO provides financial support for field trips, staff appreciation events, scholarships for graduating seniors that attended the Joyce, 8th grade celebration, etc. In order to continue being a successful organization and providing these activities to our students, we run fundraisers throughout the year.  We appreciate any support you can provide.

2012/2013 Fundraisers 

Holiday Cash Raffle -December
Gift Card (Scrips) - December
NSTAR Bulbs - January
Yankee Candle - March
The NSTAR and Yankee Candle Fundraising is a joint fundraiser with the School - with 50% of the proceeds going towards the 6th and 7th grade Field Day and 8th grade Field Trip Celebration Admission Cost(s)

Ongoing Fundraising Efforts

The Stop & Shop A+ Program

You need to renew every year
    1. Log onto:
    2. enter you name and card number
    3. select city
    4. select Joyce Middle School or code  09949

Annual Donations

There are no membership dues.  We do accept donations, we ask each family to consider making a donation - any amount is helpful - $10, $15, $20......
Please print the attached form (see attachment below), complete and send cash or checks made payable to the Joyce Middle School PTO and return your donation to your child’s homeroom teacher or the PTO mailbox in the main office.
           Teacher and Staff Wish Lists

The wish list is just that, things that the teachers and staff would love to have in their classrooms. Classroom supply budgets are tight. Teachers and Staff always spend a significant amount on classroom supplies each year from their own pockets. Donations items are made by parents/guradians/supporters of the school directly to the teachers.  See the Teacher and Staff Wishes page for the current list.


Do you have a Target Visa card? Did you know that you can support the Joyce Middle School by using that card? Target has a program, “Take Charge of Education”, which allows you to specify a school to support. If you use your Target Visa at Target, they will donate 1% of your purchase to the school If you use the Target Visa at other locations, they will donate ½% of your purchase to the school. For more information, click here or visit – click on Target REDcards then Take Charge of Education.


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