Joyce Middle School PTO

Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2009


Officers in attendance:  Wendy Linehan, Penny Nichols Cordero, Vicki Drougas, Donna Bullen, and Marybeth Dixon

Parents:  Paula Riley, Susan O’Melia

Treasurer’s Report:  Vicki indicated that we expect to end the year with $3,400 in the account.  Our goal had been to start the next year with at least $3,000 (About one half our budget).  Vicki indicated that there were still a few outstanding expenses (Staff Appreciation Day and 8th Grade celebration), and had factored those in to her yearend balance.
Principal’s Report:  Mr. Qualey was unable to make the meeting, but had forwarded his report to Wendy to relay.
            Dates to remember:  provided an outline of all upcoming dates (See PTO calendar for details)

Staff Appreciation:  The Staff would like to thank the PTO for providing Staff Appreciation Breakfast

MCAS Test:  MCAS tests were completed last week with 100% student participation

School Sign:  Will require a special variance due to its size.  Mr. Qualey has applied for this variance and will be heard at the June Council meeting.  He will also notify neighbors. If it is accepted at that meeting, there is a 21 day waiting period before it is approved.  The sign should be installed before the first day of school in September.

School Budget:  Budget was submitted to the city council a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to be well received.  The Council will vote on the budget during their last June meeting and that is when we will learn if we need to make any additional cuts

Laser Idol Show Contest:  Marybeth received an email from Mr. Qualey earlier in the day and let us know that we placed third in the contest.  The Joyce had received 903 votes and the first place winner had less than 150 more votes than the Joyce.  The group, while disappointed at not winning, was happy to see how many votes were received and expressed thanks to the parents and friends of the Joyce for showing Joyce Community spirit by voting.

National Junior Honor Society:  A discussion occurred about the PTO hosting the event.  We received an email from Sharon Connelly, who had run the event the last couple of years, and she provided detailed instructions about what is required by the PTO.  We struggled with the lack of volunteers to set up and man the tables.  We determined that a number of us could meet before school to do the set up.  Marybeth said she would contact Mr. Qualey to see if this was a possibility.

Lowell Devils:  At the last PTO meeting, Jason Jones from the Lowell Devils presented a number of options for the PTO to consider related to both fundraising and family nights.  Penny relayed that she has contacted the new Kennedy PTO Presidents and that they are interested in partnering with the Joyce PTO for a Woburn Middle School night with the Devils which would include the combined Choruses and Bands to perform at a game.  Penny indicated that she will continue to work on the planning of this throughout the summer.

6th Grade Orientation:  Several of us plan to be on hand during the upcoming 6th grade orientation on Tuesday, June 9th.  Marybeth shared the new refrigerator magnets which she will be handing out to the new parents.  The magnets have the PTO website address, officer’s email and the school absence line.  We will also have a sign up sheet available for new parents to sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter.

City Wide PTO Meeting:  Penny and Marybeth attended a recent City Wide PTO meeting which involved PTO members from the Reeves, Hurld, Wyman, and Linscott Schools.  Penny said that in the past the enrichment committees for the schools had met, but there has been a lot of turnover or officers.  It was helpful to hear different ideas related to fundraising, enrichment and communications.  Marybeth has had a subsequent meeting with members of the Reeves PTO to discuss how the Joyce website and email newsletters are set up.  The City Wide PTO plans to meet twice a year, and we expect to attend again in the fall.

Survey Results:  Marybeth provided a handout with highlights of the survey.  She relayed that two surveys were sent out:  50 to teachers and 148 to parents, and that a typical response rate was 10%.  The response rate for the teachers was 76% and for the parents was 18%.  The group was very pleased with the number of responses.  Marybeth indicated that the PTO plans to use the results of the survey in planning activities for the upcoming school year.    It was noted that there was a clear need by teachers for classroom supplies.  The PTO plans to initiate a “Teacher Wish” list to address this and will roll it out in the fall.  The teachers also overwhelmingly are interested in obtaining assistance from the PTO in identifying and applying for grants.  The PTO will also work over the summer to address this.  It was also noted that with regards to fundraising, that there is some confusion about the difference between school and PTO fundraisers.  Again, this is something we will address in the upcoming year.  Marybeth indicated that the results will be posted on the website soon.  Penny and Marybeth also plan to meet with Mr. Qualey to discuss the results before the end of the school year, so that the PTO can plan appropriately over the summer.

Staff Appreciation Breakfast:   Wendy organized the breakfast held on May 22nd.  She received a donation of a $100 gift card from Roche Brothers.  She purchased all the food and supplies from Roche Brothers and spent a total of $314 which was offset by the $100 gift card.  Wendy told the group how much the staff enjoyed the Staff Appreciation breakfast and in particular the use of the Kuerig machine.  The Kuerig machine was donated to the PTO in the fall for our Election Day Bake sale and was planned to be used at other PTO events.  It was suggested that since the PTO has not been using it, and the teachers would really enjoy it, that the machine be moved into the staff room for the teachers to use year round, and that the PTO could use it for events if needed.  Marybeth will contact Mr. Qualey to let him know.

Elections:  Penny opened up nominations to the group.  Penny nominated Vicki as treasurer, Marybeth seconded.  Vicki nominated Penny for President, Marybeth seconded.  Penny nominated Carolyn LeBlanc for vice-president, Marybeth seconded.  Vickie nominated Marybeth for secretary and Penny seconded.  The PTO thanked Wendy for her years of service, and wished her luck as her son moved to high school.  The nominations will be open until the first meeting of the year to see if any additional parents would be interested in co-chairing any position.


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