Joyce Middle School PTO
Meeting Minutes
Monday October 3, 2011 7:00pm - 8:15pm


Officers In attendance: Penny Nichols Cordero, Marisol Donovan and Maureen Cioni

Attendees: ~13 parents

School Principal: Mr. Qualey 

Welcome and Introductions

  • Penny welcomed all the parents and had everyone introduce themselves.

  • Penny then went over the PTO responsibilities, how it works and that we are looking for two new people to join the PTO since she is transitioning off next year.

  • She then discussed the various activities that our fund-raising pays for.

Principals Report from Mr. Qualey

  • Back to School night went very well. We had 350 parents, up from 320 parents last year.

  • Progress reports are coming home on Friday. Since the students have only had 5 weeks of school, please do not be alarmed if you see B's and C's where you usually see As. There is always an adjustment period and there haven't been many grades given out.

  • Homework Club starts October 4th and runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:15- 3:05 for kids. You can take the late bus home on those days.

  • MCAS test results went out to all students last week. Grade 8 Science saw a 10% improvement. Our ELA scores are Very High and our Math scores are Average. 84% of schools didn't make the AYP. Mr. Qualey handed out two comparison charts which will be uploaded to the forms section of the website.

  • American Sign Language is back as an activity at the school

  • The 6th grade social will be held Monday Evening October 17th from 6:30 – 8:00 in the Joyce Cafeteria. This event is intended as a chance for parents to meet their child's new friends and their parents, so all children must attend with a parent. Refreshments will be served so please RSVP so we can get an idea of how much food to order. Younger (or older) siblings are welcome to attend with the family.

  • RSVP at

  • The 7th Annual Halloween party is october 27th from 2:30 – 4:30. Mary Gayle Sweeney will be the coordinator again this year. More information is on the calendar. Permission slips will go home and must be signed to attend.

  • The Scholastic book fair will be November 28 – Dec 2nd. The money raised will go right back to the library to buy more books. The Parent/Teacher conferences will also be held this week. More information will be coming for those two items.

  • The Joyce is on Twitter at @jmswoburn

Presidents Report

  • Penny discussed the following fund-raisers.

  • Nstar – runs October 17th November 3rd. They do not have the holiday lights this year but their prices have dropped. 50% to the PTO, 25% to the 8th grade, 25% to the 6th and 7th grade field day.

  • Gift Card Fund-raiser – We need a new volunteer to learn how to do this from Chrissy Gonsalves. Most of the work is done at home. It will happen around the end of November to be delivered for Christmas.

  • Holiday Raffle – Looking for volunteers to help with this also

  • We are looking for suggestions for parent seminars.

  • We are also looking for board members, at least two to transition in the next year.

  • Questions were asked about an online form of communication with the teachers/ grades/ homework etc. A suggestion was given to look for grant money to fund the one that matches the current system in the school

  • A suggestion to look into The Young Americans to perform at the school was given.

  • YES hours were discussed – how the students can find opportunities, where, when etc.


  • We are on Twitter, Facebook, a website and a newsletter which I try to update all at the same time.

  • We do not have a lot of 6th grade parents signed up for the newsletter so please spread the word to have them sign up for it. It is bi-weekly but also would like feedback on any improvements you think we can make.

  • I will upload the monthly stats report on all our sites to the forms section of the webpage.

Treasurer's Report

EOY Review – completed. If you'd like a copy of the budget please email us at


Next Meeting Dates are in the calendar and posted on the website.

If you have ideas for Parent Resources either tell us via the Comment and Suggestion form or email