March 5, 2012 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting 3/5/12

SRO Officer Imperioso –

April 11th there will be a Facebook / social media seminar for Parents at the Kennedy School.  We’d like it to be sponsored by the SRO and both PTOs.  The DA’s office will send in someone to speak.

The ADA will speak on the legal responsibility the parents have to the kids.  Scholarships can be lost if you mess up on Facebook. Admissions departments are looking at FB pages and photos. Police can get a hold of your FB history. It’s online and permanent.

We will invite the Hardings to come back.

Spread the word – Boys and Girls club.  Patch, Times, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter. Send information to the Feeder schools for Kennedy and Joyce.  SRO Officer will send information to High School. Send information to Megan Chapman at PAC and send to the SCI

Joyce, Kennedy will have a table to sell stuff. Invite the Boys and Girls Club to have a table along with SRO and PAC. Present it as a social gathering instead of just a seminar.


Separate Bullying seminar in November.  Ryan’s Story – Father is the speaker for Middle school students during the day and then there is community night for parents.  Split the cost with SRO and PTO.  Invite elected officials and the DA.


Principal’s Report – presented by Mr. Nebel on behalf of Mr. Qualey

Dates:  MCAS ELA is March 20-22nd – Short Answer
March 26th – 27 – ELA
March 29-30th  - ELA for 8th Grade
MCAS – Math is in May, no set schedule yet.  Beginning on the 20th of April – MCAS Tutoring
Pancake Breakfast on April 14th – Saturday
Green and Blue Review – May 2nd and 3rd or 4th
Year books – 20$  Order soon, Deadline is End of April

Student Council Food Drive – over 900 items and 1,200 dollars collected.

Pennies for Patients starts soon, cardboard boxes will go home with kids. – possibly do a spirit week to help with this – hat day, sports day, etc.

School Budget – submitted with no loss. 1 month before we hear feedback.

Last day of school tentatively June 19th

8th grade Celebration – Coordinator is Terri Weber. Volunteers are Joe Brown and Mary Harkins

2 field trips – Canobie lake and Cedardale??  Tentative.

Move up day is 2nd to last day  - depending on final day decision

Celebration dance – day before the last day of school

Tom will book the DJ and Hall.  Parent’s set up and organize and break down.  Teacher’s chaperones.

Car wash ticket fundraiser or something else. Maybe a bag-to-school fundraiser

T-shirts as gifts – 175 students.  Need them before the field day.



Stargazing night – Mr. Nebel will ask.  PTO supplies refreshments.


Treasurer’s report:

Funded so far:  Woburn High scholarship fund $1,000

Field Trip Bus: 1,500

Academic Awards Ceremony - $100

8th Grade buses – 1,500

NJHS ceremony – 125


Next year – survey to parents.

How do we attract more parents to participate

Survey to teachers – how do we help them?

Communications Report

Facebook – 166 likes. We reach about 71 people per post.  1 new follower in Jan. 1 new follower in Feb.
Twitter – 47 followers, 4 new in March, 8 retweets in Feb, 2 new in Feb, 3 retweets in Jan, 9 new in Jan.
Newsletter – 160 and 108 opens in January, 138 opens in Feb, 124 opens in March with 369 active contacts.  6th grade = 58, 7th grade = 128, 8th grade = 90.


Joyce Middle School PTO Communications,
Mar 19, 2012, 6:36 PM