1/9/12 PTO Minutes

Guidance Counselors

Notes about what they do:


Counseling Services

They work with Advocates Agency in Waltham

They help with course selection for Woburn High and the Vocational schools

They teach Depression Awareness for the 8th grade

They help with social skills groups with kids on the 504 or IEP plans

Helping teachers with student issues

They coordinate with the school psychologist and nurse

They have referral abilities for services outside the school system.

8th grade course selection

First week of March is when it usually starts

Information night - no date yet

High school hand book will be given out

5 Main subjects with 5 credits each plus electives to make it to 32 credits

1/2 year and full year electives are offered

Levels - EC – Enhanced Competence, Academic, HonorsExcel

Teacher recommends classes but there are override forms that have to be signed off at the high school level

There is no handbook yet, waiting on HS

There is usually a 24 hour turnaround time on the forms

We will get the news out as soon as we know more.

You still need a form if not going to the schools, just in case you change your child changes her mind.

Teachers will be available by phone calls when the forms go home.


1) I spoke with Ellen Connell, Director of guidance, regarding the physical education requirement.  Right now on paper it reads that students are suppose to have 7.5 credits towards PE (which is 3 semesters) during high school in order to graduate, however, at this moment in time noone has been held back from graduation for not completing this requirement.  She also reports the PE requirement is currently under review.
2) If a student is involved with Best buddies, they can count this towards National Honor Society volunteer hours, per Tom.

Principals Report

Dates to remember - Terms ends 1/25

Report cards go home Friday 2/3

Term 2 parent teachers Wed 2/8 2:30-4:30

Food Drive from 2/6 – 2/17

Feb vacation 2/18 – 2/26

MCAS Testing ELA 3/20-4/3 Math and Science 5/7-5/22

Green & Blue May 2nd and 3rd

National Junior Honor society June 8th at 12:30 -need volunteers

MCAS Tutorial programs

7th &8th grade program during school will target subgroups struggling in Math, students selected do not have an option.

After School program for ELA and Math. ELA begins January 31st. Math will begin in March with invitations going out soon. Students invited based on their MCAS scores and participation is optional.

Food Drive – Students who donate $5 or $10 food items can skate Friday before vacation. Information will be sent home in February. If there are any questions give them to Penny, scan can forward to me and answers can be posted on the PTO website.

Holiday Drive from the teachers/ PTO, staff and SR) – raised money to help over 20 families during the holidays with Target gift cards.

All grade levels have participated in the Bullying curriculum on different topics from the book – Bully proofing your school.

Guest Megan Chapman for SPEAC– There is a parent's conference the PTO is sponsoring called Thinking Outside the Classroom. Parent's only at the seminar. Executive functioning for regular developing and 504 or IEP. Dr. Robinson is a great parent coach. Thursday 26th from 7-9pm There are CEU's for the class. A flyer went home last week to all students.

Teacher appreciation breakfast was held and sponsored by the PTO

Science – star gazing event will happen again, more information at a later date.

Secretary – nothing to report

Treasurer – Holiday Cash Raffle was a huge success. Thanks to Margaret Valentine for running this.

If you have ideas for Parent Resources either tell us via the Comment and Suggestion form or email admin@joycepto.org.