Joyce Middle School PTO

Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.


Officers In attendance:  Penny Nichols Cordero, Vicki Drougas, and Marybeth Dixon

Attendees:  ~16 parents

 School Principal:  Mr. Qualey


Principal’s Report:  Mr. Qualey thanked the PTO members for attending and provided an update on the following topics:

Back to School Night:  had a good turnout – 330 parents attended – thanks for support

Upcoming Events:  October 8th – progress reports will be sent home; October 18th – 6th Grade Back to School Social for parents and students

MCAS Scores:  Scores improved for the most part.

·         ELA – we have a Performance Rating of Very High

·         English improved for all grades and subgroups (Low Income & Special Education)

·         Math - we have a Performance Rating of Moderate

·         Math – improved for all grades and the Low Income subgroup.  However, Special Education subgroup slipped slightly

·          Science improved slightly


MCAS AYP: The Joyce didn’t make AYP for Math subgroups, so the Joyce is still considered in need of corrective action.  80% of middle schools are in need of improvement or worse.  More detailed AYP report comes out at a later date. Some of the corrective actions include the new math curriculum for the middle schools as well as afterschool help.

New Math Series:  Both the Joyce and Kennedy are implementing a new math series.  The sales rep for the book company will be at the Joyce on Thursday, October 7th at 7 pm to give an overview of the series to the parents and an introduction to the online tutorials available.

Bullying Law: The district is developing a policy, to be completed by December 31st, to comply with the new law,  All teachers will be trained.  “No Bully Zone” signs have been placed all over the school.  Officer Imperioso will be doing a program with the 6th graders soon.

School Council:  consists of administrators, parents, teachers and a community member.  Currently seeking two 6th grade parents to serve.  The Council meets on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 2:45 for about 45 minutes.

 Presidents Update:  Penny provided a recap of our previous year activities and outlined goals for upcoming year:

·         Support new Math Curriculum

·         Encourage Green Initiatives

·         Hold two “virtual” PTO meetings using free webinar software

·         Fund Core Mission

·         Sponsor Parent Seminars

·         Support Teacher Initiatives

·         Continue to collaborate with Kennedy PTO and SRO


Penny also thanked Carolyn LeBlanc for her years of service with the PTO.  Carolyn has stepped down from her role as Vice President.  This position is open if anyone is interested.  As the PTO board  consists of 8th grade parents, we are seeking anyone interested in co-roles (President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary) to transition into the future years.


Communications Report:  Marybeth reported that more than 50% of parents in each class are signed up for our bi-weekly newsletter.  She indicated that the PTO will send a sign up form home next week with the family donation form.   She also our Facebook page has grown to have 125 fans.

Treasurer’s Report:   Vicki provided an overview of the budget.  We are starting off the year with a healthy balance of over $5,700 due to strong fundraising last year.  The income and expenses for the upcoming year are similar to last year.  Income will include annual family donations, a Yankee Candle fundraiser and Gift Card Sales.  Our expenses will be similar and include $1,000 allocations for each class for field trip buses, $1,000 for scholarships, and $1,400 for the 8th grade celebration.

We anticipate ending the year with a $6,400 balance.


Do you have suggestions for guest speakers or topics for PTO meetings?  Please contact us at