Joyce Middle School PTO

Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.


Officers In attendance:  Penny Nichols Cordero, Carolyn LeBlanc, and Marybeth Dixon

Attendees:  3 parents

 School Principal:  Mr. Qualey


Principal’s Report:  Mr. Qualey provided an update on the following topics:

ELA MCAS:  Wrapping up.

School Clean Up:  Held last Friday, April 2nd – 16 students assisted

Amazing Hero Art:  Coming April 16th. 

Green and Blue:  May 6th & 7th – 7 p.m.

Springfest Concert:  May 26th at the Joyce, 7 p.m.

Joyce Night at Uno’s:  Wednesday, April 14th – support the band and chorus.

Pancake Breakfast:  Saturday, April 17th.

Field Day Calendar Raffle:   Students in 6th and 7th grades will get the calendar raffles starting next week (April 12th) to begin selling.  The cost per calendar is $5.00 and prizes will be announced throughout May.

8th Grade Fundraising:  Wrapping up the Scrub-A-Dub car wash tickets fundraiser.  This isn’t generating as much as it has in previous years..

School Improvement Plan:  Is still with the School Council for approval.  The school committee has been focusing their efforts on the budget.

School Budget:  The middle schools have been spared for the most part, no program cuts as of yet.  However, the late buses have been eliminated.  There have also been minimal cuts to the educational supply lines.  Each middle school will be receiving new Math books next year, the teachers and administration are currently meeting with vendors to choose the books.

PTO needs:  As of now, do not anticipate any specific needs from the PTO other than the grade level enrichment.

Yearbook Deadline:  Has been extended to April 28th.

Communications Report:  Marybeth reported that we currently have 105 Facebook fans on our Facebook Fan page.  There has also been a surprising amount of traffic to the fan page.  The number of people signed up to receive email newsletter has remained steady at about 260 for the last several months.  Parent Mary Hebert who is on the Shamrock PTO mentioned that they are having a meeting on Thursday.  We asked her to promote the 5th grade orientation that will occur in June.  We also asked her to collect email addresses for the 5th grade parents so we can add them to our list for next year.

 Presidents Update: 

Cyber Bullying Parent Seminar:  Went very well – over 200 people attended.  The PTO teamed up with the Kennedy PTO and the SRO office to sponsor this.  We hope to continue working together to bring programs to Woburn.  A  50/50 raffle was run during the presentation; the Kennedy and Joyce PTO s will be splitting proceeds and we will receive $51.

District Committees:  On the Woburn School System Website is an announcement about creating a district committee to look into developing a city-wide program for Parent Workshops.  The first meeting is in May – more information can be found on the Woburn site;

Upcoming Activities:  We will need volunteers for the Green & Blue (to sell water, candy and 50/50 raffle tickets) and for the National Junior Honor Society (to set up tables for refreshments and to clean up afterwards).

Treasurer’s Report:   Vicki was unable to attend, but provided a Treasurer's Report to Marybeth Dixon for the Meeting

Yankee Candle Fundraiser – generated approximately $3,300 in profit for the PTO.   

 Carolyn (fundraiser chair) recommends considering the fundraiser for the fall, Christmas time or for the 8th graders (with a % going to towards 8th grade Activity Week (C anobie Lake,  Cedardale,  etc).   This is separate from the PTO Budget Line Item for 8th Grade Celebration.  Currently the 8th Grade Celebration line item represents the 'Sons of Italy Dance" and the PTO Gift.

 Cyber Bullying:  We received $51 from the 50/50 run at the Cyber Bullying program.  

Funding Requests:

 Funding Request for $100 towards the Woburn Academic Award Program.  This was approved. 

Funding Request for the 2010 8th grade celebration budget line item (Sons of Italy Party and PTO Gift) to increase the increase the 8th grade celebration allocation from $1,000 to $1,300.  The increase is due to 2 factors: larger class size than in previous years and the increased price of t-shirts.  The increase of $300 was approved.

Funding Request received from 8th grade class for an additional allocation of $1,000 to offset the cost of the actual field trips scheduled for the 8th grade activity week . The 8th grade conducts own fundraising to off set the cost.  Even with fundraising the 'parent' cost for the field trips have ranged from $25 to $40.  The actual 'parent' cost is dependent on the success of the 8th grade fundraising activity.  It was decided that we would wait to see the outcome of the Scrub-A-Dub fundraiser, which has been extended.  The PTO will make an effort to promote the fundraiser as well in the hopes that it will increase funds.

 A discussion revolved around setting a precedent for future years.  Based on historical numbers, the average is $1,000 but it has ranged from a high of $1786 in 2004 to a  low of $899 in 2007.  It was determined that the class allocations will need to be assessed as we decide on next year’s budget and perhaps a formula by # students per class to determine the funding per class. 

Currently the Enrichment line item allocates $1000 to each grade.  These $ are used by each grade towards Field Trip Buses.  The 8th graders typically use this allocation for the Field Trip Buses for 8th Grade Activity Week (in June).  Recommendation to change the line item from enrichment to 'field trip buses' as that is that the $ are used for.  In School Enrichment Programs are financed by the magazine drive.

Our balance is currently over $7,000.  With current anticipated expenses will likely end the year with over $5,000.  Typically the PTO carries over approximately $3,000 to fund the initial activities. Treasurer Vicki Drougas recommends increasing that by 3% giving us the flexibility to meet school needs.  Mr. Qualey stated he wouldn't know the impact of the school budget and any particular needs until June



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