Joyce Middle School PTO

Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.



Officers In attendance:  Penny Nichols Cordero, Vicki Drougas, and Marybeth Dixon

Guests:  Officer Anthony Imperioso (SRO), Debi Tierno (Kennedy PTO) and Lisa Sullivan (Kennedy PTO)

Attendees:  Approximately 9 parents

 School Principal:  Mr. Qualey


Guest Speakers:  Officer Imperioso discussed the upcoming Bullying Conference he is arranging with the Middlesex District Attorney’s office.  The SRO, Kennedy PTO and Joyce PTO will be sponsoring the event for all Woburn parents and educators on Wednesday, March 31st at the Kennedy.  There was discussion about selling refreshments and 50/50 raffles at the conference.  (Officer Imperioso subsequently checked with the DA’s office and they have no issues as long as it is for the two PTOs).  It was determined that the Kennedy will have refreshments for sale, the Joyce will have the 8th Grade Scrub-A-Dub fundraisers for sale (if they are available) and there will be a joint 50/50 raffle.  There was also discussion about additional ways to publicize the event.  Officer Imperioso will contact St. Charles and the Boys & Girls club.  A parent suggested the Woburn public media station, which Marybeth will look into.

Principal’s Report:  Mr. Qualey provided an update on the following topics:

MCAS Dates:  Grade 6 – 3/31 and 4/1; Grade 7 – 3/23, 4/8 and 4/9; and 8th grade – 4/6 and 4/7.  The format has changed slightly so there will be less days taking the test.

Amazing Hero Art:  Coming April 16th.  The Local Cultural Council provide a grant for $1,900 toward this event

Green and Blue:  May 6th & 7th

Joyce Night at Uno’s:  Wednesday, April 14th – support the band and chorus.

Pancake Breakfast:  Saturday, April 10th.

Field Day Calendar Raffle:  Calendars will be for the month of May.  Student will get raffles in the middle of April to begin selling.  The 6th and 7th grade students participate.  The PTO generally donates a couple of baskets to be included in the raffle.  The PTO voted to provide two gift baskets with an estimated value of $50 each.

8th Grade Fundraising:  The 8th grade will be selling Scrub-A-Dub car wash tickets to defray the cost of end of year activities.  The 8th grade will receive approximately 40-50% of the cost.  This is run by Mr. Mills and will be starting in the next couple of weeks.

Food Drive:  Successful – collected over 2,500 items

School Improvement Plan:  Has been approved by School Council and has been send tot School Committee for approval

Women in Engineering:  Kazak Composites, based in Woburn, did a “Women in Engineering” presentation for 8th grade girls.  This was well received.

Parent Teacher Conferences:  The most recent conferences went well, as they are held in the afternoon, they aren’t as well attended as the night conferences held in the fall.  The online tool piloted by the 7th grade parents in the fall was used for all grades for these past conferences.  The scheduling went smoothly.  The online tool will be used next fall for all grades.

Other dates:  The National Junior Honor Society induction will be on June 4th around 12 or 12:15 and the5th grade orientation will be held on June 15th.

Treasurer’s Report: Vicki stated that nothing has changed in the last months since we met last; the balance in our account is $4,700, which is on or above target.  We will have sufficient funds for the 8th grade enrichment and celebration as well as the Teacher Appreciation day.  We are in good shape.

Communications Report:  Marybeth provided general results from the survey done to evaluate the Joani Geltman presentation.  Received about 37 responses; about 29 of those had attended and all of those would recommend the program to friends.  Very positive responses were received.  Good feedback to indicate that we should continue to provide these types of parent education presentations going forward.  Results can be found on the website.

 President’s Report: 

Lowell Devils:  Went very well.  The chorus did a fantastic job with the National Anthem.  The Joyce and Kennedy did the 50/50 raffle which yielded about $140 dollars for the Joyce music programs (and the same amount for the Kennedy.  We split the cost of a bus to get chorus members there and will net about $100 after the cost of the bus.

Upcoming Activities:  There are two upcoming events – the Green & Blue (May 6th & 7th) and the Junior National Honor Society (either June 4th) in the afternoon.  We will need volunteers for both.  At the Green and Blue we usually sell water, candy and 50/50% raffle tickets and we set up a snack and drink reception for the National Honor Society.  Notice will go home as we approach the dates.

Fundraiser:  The Yankee Candle fundraiser went very well.  We are still tallying the results but it appears we will net about $2,500 for the PTO.


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