Joyce Middle School PTO

Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2010 at 6:15 p.m.


Officers In attendance:  Penny Nichols Cordero, Carolyn LeBlanc, Vicki Drougas, and Marybeth Dixon

Attendees:  Approximately 14 parents

 School Principal:  Mr. Qualey


Treasurer’s Report: Vicki stated that our  current balance is $4,700.  We have recently funded the 6th & 7th grade enrichment requests as well as the Teacher Appreciation day.  We are in good shape.

President’s Report: 

Correspondence – Penny shared three thank you  letters that we received from the 6th grade teachers and two students.  They thanked the PTO for funding the bus for their field trip to “A Christmas Carol” at the Imax theater in December.  They all enjoyed the field trip.

Funding Requests:  We received a request to assist with the funding of a 7th grade trip to “The Tomb”.  Our 7th grade budget is $1,000.  Since we had already funded one of the 7th grade teams $500, this request was approved for $500.

Lowell Devils:  On Sunday, February 28th.  The Joyce and Kennedy Choruses will be performing.  We will also be doing a 50/50 raffle at the game and those proceeds will go toward the two school’s music programs.  We are also looking into a bus for the chorus members that need transportation.

Committee/Volunteer Opportunities:  There are two upcoming events – the Green & Blue (May 6th & 7th) and the Junior National Honor Society (either June 4th or 11th) in the afternoon.  We will need volunteers for both.  At the Green and Blue we usually sell water, candy and 50/50% raffle tickets and we set up a snack and drink reception for the National Honor Society.  Notice will go home as we approach the dates.

Fundraiser:  We will be selling Yankee Candle in time for a Mother’s Day delivery.  Carolyn will work with Mr. Qualey on dates.

Principal’s Report:  Mr. Qualey provided an update on the following topics:

Report Cards:  coming home Friday – the 5th; followed by Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday February 11th from 2:30 – 4:30.  The online sign up pilot done in November went well, have expanded to all grades for core teacher conferences.  Parents will receive instructions with the report cards.

MCAS: March 23rd – April 9 – a more solid schedule will come out after February vacation.

Amazing Hero Art:  Received a $1,900 grant, program will be brought to school this spring.

ELA/MCAS Tutorial Program:  Begins today (Feb 2nd) for students that need additional assistance.

8th grade course selection for High School:  Mr. Joe Finigan, Principal of Woburn High, will be inviting incoming freshman parents to school to discuss the curriculum options and selection process.  A letter will be going home with the report cards.


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